Who We Are

KAMP Medical Billing, LLC was organized as an affiliate of G. L. A. COLLECTION COMPANY, INCORPORATED in December of 2008 and has been serving the needs of the healthcare community ever since. Its sole purpose is to serve the growing needs of the healthcare community in managing its self-pay as though it was an extension of the healthcare entity's business office.

When partnering with KAMP Medical Billing, LLC we are committed to delivering excellent service to your patients. We believe that we are patient advocates and can serve a vital role in explaining to patients their bill, uncover their eligibility for third party coverage, and listen to other issues they may have regarding their stay or service at the clinic/hospital. This advocacy not only assists the patient with their concern and needs, it also helps the patient meet their obligation to the clinic/hospital in a patient friendly manner. Successful early out support is not just about recovering the money; it is also about serving as an extension of your office staff.

Our Services

KAMP Medical Billing, LLC offers complete services designed to work within your business office. We are supported by the latest technology and have designed an efficient workflow to maximize payment.

  • Technology
  • Workflow
  • Patient Statements
  • Pre-Collect Program
  • Pre-Collect Plus
  • Reporting

Our Commitment

  • Friendly and timely responses to clients and patients
  • Respect of view points and personalities
  • Working to solve the problem
  • Being responsible and accountable
  • Making it work