KAMP Medical Billing, LLC offers complete services designed to work within your business office. We are supported by the latest technology and have designed an efficient workflow to maximize payment.

Our Technology
KAMP Medical Billing, LLC is supported by all necessary technology to serve the needs of your business. That includes:

  • A secure web-based service “Client Services” allows smooth client access for a number of functions with KAMP Medical Billing, LLC .
  • KAMP Medical Billing LLC’s phone system accommodates call recording, auto messaging to allow greater patient service.
  • Electronic files for referrals, payments, closes streamline processes between our organizations.
  • Major credit cards accepted, check by phone, automatic monthly debit, on-line payments.
  • Reports: Remittance, Close and Return, performance.
  • Monthly Reconciliation of active accounts.

Our Workflow
KAMP Medical Billing, LLC follows a work flow process designed to provide the most efficient payment process that satisfies both patient and client.

Patient Statements
KAMP Medical Billing, LLC will duplicate Clinic/Hospital statements. All verbiage on the statements will be approved by your business office.

Pre-Collect Program
Pre-Collect program is designed for those clients who prefer a "softer" approach to motivate a patient to pay their bill before it may require more conventional collection methods to collect your bill. This service can be an excellent collection tool and is particularly ideal for the client who refers their accounts quickly for collection. "Third-party impact" is often all it takes to get your account paid. Our series of collection letters are much less expensive than your in-house collection efforts and will greatly accelerate cash flow to your practice while you and your staff can concentrate on more important areas of your business.

Pre-Collect Plus
Pre-Collection Plus consists of not only a series of pre-collect letters, but also includes automated outbound messaging calls to the patient. Unlike conventional collection fees, this is a lower-cost commission and/or a flat-rate program with no up-front fees or additional costs. Oftentimes, accounts are not called upon in a timely manner because of time restrictions on staff, thus, the accounts age and become more difficult to collect. Since time is money, we are able to work through accounts more efficiently, reaching more patients and collecting more of your outstanding debts. In most circumstances, notices sent and calls made from a third-party entity will prompt quicker action from a patient. Our automated messaging system allows the patient to learn more about their bill, to speak with one of our professional representatives, or pay their bill using our pay data center.

A cornerstone of KAMP Medical Billing, LLC’s reporting is reconciliation. It is vital to a successful program that on a monthly basis we are auditing the open balances against A/R and resolving any differences. Along with reconciliation KAMP Medical Billing, LLC offers:

  • Acknowledgement of new business placed.
  • Remittance accounting for all payments, adjustments.
  • Close and Return report to indicate which accounts are ready for bad debt placement. This includes the preparation of a file to send to the collection agency of your choosing.
  • Client Performance Report that tracks monthly placement performance.
  • Custom reports as needed.

Successful Business Partners
In order for KAMP Medical Billing, LLC to serve as an extension of your business office several things have to run flawlessly. The technology must work to insure that KAMP Medical Billing, LLC personnel and your business office personnel work as a team, KAMP Medical Billing, LLC can appropriately account for its activity and be as efficient as possible, that information exchanged remains secure and reconciled, and KAMP Medical Billing, LLC personnel can provide the same information to the patient as your personnel. Beyond the technology, however, the key success is driven by people. People who are respectful and understand that the ultimate service is to the patients of your practice and that by working well together everyone is better served.

KAMP Medical Billing, LLC is committed to:

  • Friendly and timely responses to your business and the patients.
  • Respectful of viewpoints and personalities.
  • Working to solve the problem.
  • Being responsible and accountable.
  • Making it work.